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SteamDolls VR :
Tentez l'expérience steamdolls en réalité virtuelle.


SteamDolls is a steampunk inspired adventure game with a touch of stealth and built from the ground up for VR. You assume the role of a cunning thief and anarchist known as "The Whisper" and make your way through heavily secured environments. Stick to the shadows and avoid getting caught by the guards as you struggle with the haunting apparitions of a mesmerizing witch trying to reveal the truth about a conspiracy that could shake the very foundation of the world.


>Made for VR from the start.

>Rich Storyline with plenty of voiced characters.

>First person stealth is back.

>Teleport mode and Free walking mode.

>Use Roomscale to spy safely on enemies.

>Extra missions with nothing but pure stealth.

Developper : The Shady Gentlemen

Release Date : 2016


Platforms : PC (HTC Vive & Oculus Rift)

Stores : Steam, Oculus Store

Price : TBA

BlackRock :
Jeu de tir Steampunk VR dans l'univers de SteamDolls en développement...

Play Agnes in this action VR shooter game.

Phantasma :
Enter the mind of an insane guy in virtual reality

“Phantasma is a unique feast for the eyes and almost looks like an abstract painting by Salvador Dali put into virtual reality dimensions.”
VR The Gamers

“We’d be lying if we said we didn’t want to know where this bunny fascination is heading.”

“To be honest, I had some serious Myst horror-flashbacks while playing this game.
VR The Gamers

Phantasma is a VR PUZZLE GAME with a strong narrative where you step into the shoes of a deranged mind searching for the truth about a conspiracy involving a TV Show hosted by an annoying Bunny called Flappy. Resolve abstract puzzles using bizarre videos and BE A GOOD BUNNY !

System Requirements

  • Minimum:

    • OS: Windows 7

    • Processor: Intel i7-4790 equivalent or greater

    • Memory: 8 GB RAM

    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD 290 equivalent or greater

    • DirectX: Version 11

    • Storage: 4 GB available space

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